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                                                        Accel Wireless High Speed Wireless and Telecom

Accel Wireless and Telecom is the leading wireless broadband Internet provider and Telecom services company in the Temecula Valley Murrieta, and Winchester. We deliver fast, secure and reliable high speed Internet that is affordable, reliable and fast.

We own our network and do not rent copper wires from the phone company (like other local companies),

We deliver high quality wireless broadband to customers with installation times typically in 1 to 5 business days at significantly lower prices than the competition.

Accel Wireless builds and maintains its own wireless networks as well as networks for private businesses, municipalities, apartments and other entities.

We offer the same type of broadband you would get from your Telephone Company or Cable company except our services do not use a telephone lines, are faster, more reliable, quicker to install, and less expensive then DSL services.

Our tech support is quicker to respond when you call us, you don’t go thru a call tree then end up talking to someone who is out of the country, you talk to a live person right away. All our support is local and we can respond with a technician to a service request or repair within hours not days.

We offer much more than just internet service. We do anything Telecom related such as network design, cabling of homes or businesses, temporary WiFi networks for special events, camera systems, phone systems and much more. For Telecom services we travel from the desert to the beaches of Southern California and as far North as Napa Valley. If you have a special project and need consulting services don't hesitate to call and ask.

How can we help you solve your Telecom problems?